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An excellent WordPress plugin for publishing your podcast

I have recently launched my very own personal finance podcast. It is a solo effort where I only release one new episode per week. I thought it would be good fun to do and to see how it goes. If you are considering doing something simple then I would definitely recommend trying it, what have you got to lose!

Thankfully there is an excellent free plugin you can use to enable you to use WordPress to get your very own podcast out there. Here I will explain about it.

Start a podcast
Start a podcast using WP for free

Seriously Simple Podcasting

That is actually the name of the plugin I decided to use, “Seriously Simple Podcasting.” The name alone is what attracted me and now I would recommend it to you too. Having done some research into what was out there, this was the one I decided to settle on.

First, you need to install it via your plugins section of your WordPress backend. You can either go to the directory page to download it or type it’s name straight into your WP backend and install it like that.

Once it is installed then you can go ahead and activate it straight away. That will create a new area in your sidebar that should look like this.

How the menu looks
How the menu looks.

From there you can go through and do all the settings. Each time you’ve recorded a new podcast you simply go to the podcasts section as shown in the menu above and click ‘Add New’. It is very much the same as publishing a blog post. Except you add in the podcast details as well as that will allow people to play the file directly from the page so they don’t have to leave your website.

If your hosting is short of server space like mine is, then you can use something like Soundcloud to host it for free, and then you simply put in the MP3 URL when you go to publish a new post, something like this.

File details
File details

Once it’s all done you hit the publish button and it will be live. That’s it your podcast is all done.

You should be all setup

With that all said you should be all setup and running. It’s the sort of thing that takes a bit of getting used to. Once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes a complete doddle. I’m sure there are other alternative free plugins out there but this one does the job perfectly at no cost whatsoever. Keeping business costs low is always good, and you can do any better than zero cost!

PS if you want to check out my podcast, I’ve set up a soundcloud page here to host all my files.


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