Team of workers

Setting up a WordPress blogging schedule to make things easier

This is the first post to be published on this new blog, so I guess I should start by saying hi! I’m Chris and I will be writing all the content here. It’s a spin-off of my main website,, which is powered by WordPress. I thought it would be cool to have a separate website to just talk about the process of running a business that uses WP.

I’ve been working hard in the last couple of weeks, very hard, in fact work is all that my little brain thinks about. I’m enjoying it but do need a bit more structure. One thing I’m not too sure is exactly how to go about that structure. Being organised can make a massive difference to productivity. It’s like having a little army of yourselves at work!

Team of workers
Team of workers

I write this on a Wednesday night. The aim by the end of the week is to have an ideal blogging schedule in place ready to go by first thing Monday morning. How it will look, who knows! Maybe something as simple as an excel sheet will do to start, and then I can jig it around a little bit.

The schedule isn’t only for publishing new content, but also to do with promotion and usage of social media. The plan long-term is to be accepted as a news source into places like Google News. In order for that to happen I have to have good focus every day. Fingers crossed this will help things and keep me on the right track.


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